Warehousing & Logistics


Streamline Your Supply Chain

Your warehousing and logistics operations make up the backbone of your business. A strong supply chain keeps your products moving efficiently from point A to point B. However, managing such an operation requires reliable, skilled warehouse associates ready to handle every challenge that comes their way.

Whether your operation is focused on the swift movement of goods or the precise organization of inventory, having the right team in place is crucial. HireQuest Direct offers warehouse staffing solutions across a wide spectrum of warehousing and logistics roles.

Warehouse and Logistics Staffing Solutions

Warehousing and logistics workers are essential to ensuring a smooth, efficient process that supports your business’s growth and success. With HireQuest Direct, you gain a partner who understands the intricacies of your industry and is committed to providing the staffing solutions you need to excel.

Forklift Operation
We have certified and experienced forklift operators ready to move your goods safely and efficiently.
Shipping and Receiving
Find warehouse associates experienced in material handling and logistics to ensure accurate shipment and receipt of products.
Unloading Trucks
Benefit from quick and safe unloading to keep your operations running smoothly.
Assembly Line
We have the assembly staff you need to maintain product flow and meet production targets.
Tap into precise labeling for tracking and compliance, ensuring products are correctly marked and ready for distribution.
Sorting and Packing
Accurately and carefully organize and prepare items for shipment.

Keep your business moving with the right people.

Finding the right staff can be a challenge. You need a workforce that’s both flexible and dependable, and HireQuest Direct provides vetted, reliable workers that helps your business get the job done.