Janitorial & Cleaning


Build Your Cleaning Crew with Confidence

Staffing the right team plays a pivotal role in maintaining the condition of your facilities. While the cleanliness of your premises reflects directly on your business, we understand that assembling and managing a reliable cleaning crew can be a difficult challenge. HireQuest Direct is here to streamline this critical aspect of your operations.

The Janitorial Staff You Need

Managing fluctuating staffing needs in janitorial and cleaning services requires a partner who can provide dependable and flexible staffing solutions. HireQuest Direct specializes in supplying vetted, reliable temporary staff to bolster your existing cleaning crews, making sure no job is left incomplete:

Office Cleaning
We provide the additional hands needed to keep workspaces tidy and professional.
General Floor Care
Our staff assists in maintaining all types of flooring, ensuring they reflect your commitment to quality.
Carpet Cleaning
Supplement your specialized care teams for deep cleaning and routine maintenance.

Restroom Sanitation
We help uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your most critical areas.

Parking Lot Cleanup
Support your effort to welcome visitors and make a great first impression with a clean, orderly parking lot.
Composite Crews
We can assemble teams of multi-skilled workers to meet your project's specific requirements, enhancing efficiency and cohesion on the job site.

Keep your business clean and moving with the right people. Trust us to help you create a clean, welcoming space that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality and care.

Keep your business moving with the right people.

Finding the right staff can be a challenge. You need a workforce that’s both flexible and dependable, and HireQuest Direct provides vetted, reliable workers that helps your business get the job done.