Women of WiNC Interview: Tiffany Wondrow, C&R Services, Inc.

HireQuest Direct News had the privilege of meeting Tiffany Wondrow as she attended a WiNC meeting last month. She is a relentlessly hard worker and one thing I walked away with is this: If there’s something still to be done, something outstanding … one detail still needs attending to… Tiffany will make it happen. For interview tips, check this file.

TLN: Tiffany, tell our readers about your company.

TW: C&R Services, Inc. is a woman/veteran owned corporation interested in pressure washing & painting for commercial and residential properties. My husband, Jason, started the company in 2003 in order to make a difference in the industry. Jason has an extensive background in construction, building maintenance, and residential renovation. He founded the company on the philosophy of providing a high standard of customer service at cost-effective pricing. I joined the company in 2004 to help Jason with the accounting and office management. As of July 2005, I became the majority owner. I am a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and have 13 yearsí experience in property & facility management. Together, we bring a lot of experience and a special touch to any project we are awarded.

TLN: First of all, thank you for our service, Tiffany. Ok, so back to C&R Services – what is your role?

TW :Thank you. My time in the Marine Corps was amazing and formed me into the person I am today. As far as C&R goes, my title is President, but I do everything except run the crews (and no one could do that better than Jason). I focus on running the office, maintaining existing clients, estimating, and networking to acquire new clients.

TLN: Are there any notable projects or clients to tell us about?

TW: We are very proud of the work we did at Frost Brown Todd in The Pinnacle Building for DWC Construction. We are finishing our first residential project for Hannah Constructors, which is ‘The Heritage,’ an independent and assisted living community for seniors. We are also always busy working with one of our largest clients Chas. Hawkins.

TLN: What do you think sets your company apart from your competitor’s?

TW: Jason and I were both in the commercial construction and property management industry so that background gave us a perspective (like seeing the other side of the coin) that a lot of painting companies do not see and we can relay that to our clients. We focus on making good relationships, not just accomplishing jobs!

TLN: What’s the vision? Where do you see you/the company in 5 years?

TW: Winning the lottery and sitting on the beach somewhere… (we laugh) no just kidding. We plan on getting our Veteran status and expanding to Clarksville. We want to continue to add wonderful clients and grow those relationships.

In January 2010, we changed our logo to show our effort to be the best source for an environmentally friendly painting company. We utilize ìgreenî products and recycle any of our material that can be put back to use for our Earth. We plan on seeking a ìgreenî stamp of approval.

TLN: Tell us a story about C&R Services…

TW: The best story is still how we got started. Jason was the maintenance technician for a property management company and they had acquired a large apartment complex in Green Hills. They were converting them into condos and selling them. The property manager was not very pleased with his painting company and asked Jason if he knew any painters. Jason said, “Sure, I do painting on the side.” Next thing I know, we are working full time jobs and painting condos at night and weekends. I was managing about a million sq.ft. of office buildings, going to college at night, raising a baby & planning a wedding…. Needless to say things were stressed and we loved every minute of it! After all of the condos were gone, Jason decided to make his side job a full time job and C&R Services was born.

TLN: Thank you, Tiffany, it’s been great getting a peek at C&R Services, Inc.!

Tiffany Wondrow, President
[email protected]

C&R Services, Inc.
4222 Old Coopertown Road
Springfield, TN 37172


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