Women of WiNC: Leeann Dichtel of Provident Security Services

Leeann Dichtel of Provident Security ServicesLeeann Dichtel

Leeann Dichtel, CEO of Provident Security Services, has a warmth that radiates the room. She is a formidable businesswoman, but she’ll tell you it’s not business that drives her, but relationships, (beginning with the biggest one of all). Her passion for everything is apparent and she lights up telling us about her work, her life, her company.

TLN: Tell us about Provident Security Services – what services or products do you offer?

LAD: Provident Security Services, is a woman owned full – service Security Integrator, our services range from installation and service to maintenance and monitoring of Burglar Alarms, Life Safety Fire Systems, CCTV, MATV, Access Control, and Audio systems.

TLN: What is your role?

LAD: As President/Owner of Provident Security Services, my role is overseeing daily operations & building customer relations within the industry. It is very important to me that I lead the team with great respect and integrity.

TLN: Are there any notable projects or clients to tell us about?

LAD: We just finished a 2-month build out at the Nashville Rescue Mission where Provident Security Services installed the fire system and additional security equipment. We service such a variety of customers in the Metropolitan and surrounding areas, but some of our most notable clients would be Metro Nashville Public Schools, Nashville Electric Company, Electric Service Credit Union, and the Mt. Zion Baptist Churches. We recently had several projects wrap up at Opry Mills; it’s been interesting to have watched all the changes that took place there since the flood of 2010. The crews are working nonstop to get it reopened as soon as possible and as a person who’s home was also flooded during that time, it’s wonderful to be able to be a part of rebuilding this area.

TLN: Can we digress for a moment? You mentioned the Nashville Rescue Mission. I know you’re reticent to talk about your amazing work there wearing a ‘different hat’… but I can, can’t I? HireQuest Direct has employed some remarkable men who have been put on their feet again at the Mission. Can you tell us your role there?

LAD: Special events coordinator. I have been a volunteer for 12 years. It’s a wonderful place that fills so many needs. My staff even volunteers there.

TLN: Well, a big ‘thank you’ from us. Leeann, what do you think sets your company apart from your competitor’s?

LAD: I think being an SBE/WBE as well as a Christian faith-based company are two main things that set us apart from our competitors. It is not by accident that the ‘T’ in our logo symbolizes the cross. Being so bold as to incorporate our beliefs into our company logo holds us accountable to pretty high standards.

TLN: Yes, indeed. So, what’s your vision, Leeann. Where do you see you/the company in 5 years?

LAD: I see us as a bigger better version of who we are now! With the morals, values, and integrity that I hold for myself as well as my company, I hope that in 5 years I gain the respect of people in the industry, and that the company is reputable & thriving, and my employees gain something in their personal lives for working here. I would like to see steady growth from year to year and know that we are still operating on the same level of integrity.

TLN: You had a challenging 2011. Tell us about it.

LAD: Oh, Where do I start! We went through a lot of changes in 2011, I think a lot of people expected us to fail last year. My husband played a key role in the company up until December 2010 when he suddenly passed away. Not only did he serve as our key sales person he was also the DQA for the company. Trying to hold the company together and deal with the loss at the same time was very challenging, If it weren’t for my faith and amazing staff holding me and the company together, I’m not sure where we would be… but not only did we survive, we thrived… I definitely believe we have overcome many obstacles for a reason!

TLN: We always ask about mottos. What’s your company’s?

LAD: Our motto is; we strive to treat our customers and employees with respect; listen to their needs, and to be considered as an ethical dependable industry leader.

Provident Security Services
428 6th Avenue South
Nashville 37203

Office 615-736-5981


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