HireQuest Direct Interview with Brian Dillon

I’ve known Brian Dillon for a while now, and was first struck by his alert and upbeat attitude first thing in the morning, every morning.

TLN: Brian, where are you from?

BD: Old Hickory, Tennessee. But as a kid (until I was 17) I spent every summer and Christmas with my Dad in Chicago. He was an engineer so I would go to work with him at his various jobsites, and stay busy.

TLN: Was that in Chicago proper?

BD: Yes, literally downtown. Culturally it was a big difference from home, and going to school down here in Nashville.

TLN: Tell me about your family? You had  an addition recently didn’t you?

BD: Yes, my little girl just turned one-year-old on September 19. My older daughter is 8, so for my wife and me, it’s like starting over new.

TLN: How long have you worked through HireQuest Direct and what kind of work do you normally do?

BD: A few years and mostly Flagging. But I also do construction work, because that’s my back background..

TLN: Where did you train as a Flagger?

BD: Right here at HireQuest Direct.  And I will be training through a program in December, at ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) for my Traffic Control Supervisor certification. I’ll be doing the Technician course also.

TLN: They qualify trainers too, don’t they? Is that part of your goal?

BD: Yes, there are a lot of requirements, including recommendations and having to put in so many hours of work ñ but I want to be able to certify people.

TLN: I can tell that you’re in love with this line of work! So what does your perfect workday look like? Or is this a dumb question?

BD: (laughs) I just love roadwork. I just love getting out with the crews, they all know me by name,  I get along well with everybody.

TLN:  I know I repeat myself, but how many people can say they love the job they do?

BD: Yeah, and I’ve learned a lot too. I find I’m doing problem-solving all the time. You’re out the middle of nowhere, you’re given a situation, and this is what we have to work with, to pull it off safely, and get everybody home to their kids at the end of the day. That’s becoming easy for me to do and I enjoy it.

TLN: Few people can say they love what they do.

BD:  You know it’s true. Half my family’s in the music business and half my family is in construction and I wondered for a long time, where I’d fit in. And then finding something out of the blue, you find something you’re in love with… I love those days knowing what I’m going out to do,  that I’m going back to a particular job site… those days I can tell I walk around happier. That’s a good feeling to have, it really is.

TLN: Have you thought about teaching flagging?

BD: Yeah. I think I’d enjoy teaching. I’ve taught Sunday school. But yes, there’s days I realize that I’m conveying information to someone for the first time, or teaching someone something on the fly and it’s the same thing.

TLN:   Besides time with your wife and girls, what do your weekends look like? Do you have any hobbies?

BD: Fishing. And hunting. And I enjoy couch time.

TLN: Couch time?

BD: Football! When I get it, I take advantage of it. One of my favorite times of the week is Sunday afternoon after church. Saturday’s are busy, lawn,

TLN: Find the perfect niche and own it. You’ve done that, Brian. Good job!

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