The HireQuest Direct All-Staff Meeting and …..Revelry

Once upon a beautiful Saturday in Nashville, HireQuest Direct staffers took a Drug Free Workplace Course (given by Fortier Substance & Abuse Testing) then they worked hard through an agenda of business-y things. Then they went downtown to have some fun. It was not just any trip, but they went on an open-air Vintage army transport vehicle (Deuce) and they traveled from Broadway to the West End, visiting well-known watering holes and places of interest, and watering holes… which were all stops along one of the most inventive scavenger hunts ever! Thirteen employees had an amazing day deciphering clues and trying to complete some pretty tough scavenger objectives (try convincing an absolute stranger to carry you piggyback for a photo sometime)! The day was a blast with everyone enjoying each other and they will never forget it. The End. (Thanks, Jolene!)

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