The News Just Got Better!

This last year, Nashville was named one of the top choices of “Best Place to Go” by Conde Nast, Fedor’s, Y-Travel, Budget Travel, and Business Insider.


A headline caught our eye over the last few weeks:

The “it city” is getting hotter.
Nashville named one of hottest cities for 2015

Although the new year is still more than a month away, Business Insider already named Nashville one of the 15 Hottest American Cities For 2015.


“Nashville, Tennessee, will become the new center of the auto and healthcare industries”, authors Jennifer Polland and Melissa Stanger wrote.


The article sites the abundance of growing health-care companies, jobs in the auto industry and ABC’s ‘Nashville’ bringing fans to visit, and notes the city is the second most popular for recent college graduates.


Nashville makes the list along with Atlanta, Oakland, Calif., Burlington, Vt. and more.


“To compile this list we looked at job growth, population growth, affordability, livability, and the health and well-being of the residents”, the authors wrote. “We also considered how innovative and ëcoolí the city is- an important factor in attracting the young, creative types who will make each city hot.” (Source: Jen Todd, The Tennessean)


(On a note of slightly less import, but nonetheless awesome: just when you thought ‘Memphis’ when you thought “barbecue,” Travel & Leisure Magazine recently named Nashville the No. 1 “Best City For Barbecue.” Oh, now, we’re going to get a big head…)

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