THE LOWDOWN: iPhone’s Photos

We think it’s just a well-heeled rumor that the camera in an iPhone is ‘substandard.’ We have some pointers below that will help your iPhone rival any ‘point-n’-shoot’ when it comes to capturing great photos.


Utilize the Options (small arrow in the illustration below) and follow these simple directions:

In CAMERA mode, touch OPTIONS, and make sure GRID is ON & HDR is ON.
FLASH (to the left of “Options”) should be on AUTO


You’re probably used to touching the camera icon (indicated by large arrow) with your forefinger to take the shot, but “pushing the screen” like that often jars the camera and causes blurring and shaking. Instead, hold the camera in both hands (as in the photo below) and then use one of your thumbs to touch the screen.

OR here’s a nifty trick: When ready to take your shot, use your forefinger on the volume button (as indicated above). It acts as a shutter button in camera mode!


Another tip for taking crisp shots is whenever possible, prop one or both elbows on a solid surface, and stay absolutely still all the way until your shot shows up as complete in the corner of the screen.


Your Flash setting on “Auto” allows the camera to decide when flash is needed. This helps eliminate photos with light-blasted faces or eyes with strange-colored pupils.


As you’re lining up your shot, touch the screen on your subject’s face (or the main object of your photo) and the GRID (which you turned on in OPTIONS) will become visible. …. iPhone then auto-adjusts the focus, color saturation and white balance for your subject, (as opposed to the background!)


Voila! You’re on your way to reducing blur and orange eyes, and taking sharper photos with enhanced color and clarity!


Tips: Courtesy of KS Imagery

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