Seven Steps to Effective Communication

(A Guideline from the Air Force)




Whether in casual conversation with friends, or formal speaking to a roomful, whether writing an email to mom, or an analysis for the boss, the elements that come into play are the same – if our goal is to be understood and just as importantly, effective, with our ideas.


We could all communicate better. And certainly our country’s Armed Forces have to do so quickly and clearly. The following Seven Steps to Effective Communication (from the Air Force’s publication The Tongue and Quill) are an excellent guideline to utilize for successful communication in both speaking and writing.


      • Relay messages that are clear, concise and accurate
      • Focus on the main issue
      • Know your audience
      • Show respect, be sincere and courteous
      • Eliminate distractions (turn off cell phones, adjust lighting/temperature, etc.)
      • Listen to others and be objective
      • Give and receive feedback


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