Geek in the Jeep

Really memorable company name (“The Geek in the Jeep”) and humorous self-effacing manner aside, the first thing you have to know about Rob White is there is nothing to do with a computer or its connections that stumps him. (At least we haven’t found it yet, and HireQuest Direct has tried mighty hard this year…)

TLN: Tell us about your company and what services or products you offer.

RW: My company is The Geek in the Jeep, and we provide professional, in-home care for personal computers. We also have a handful of small business clients, HireQuest Direct being one of them. Our specialties are speeding up slow computers and removing viruses, but we should always be your first call for any computer issue.
TLN: What is your role?

RW: I started the company in January 2011, and I’m the head honcho.geek in a jeep

TLN: Are there any notable projects or clients to tell us about?

RW: Of the few business clients I have, HireQuest Direct’s employees stand out as my favorites to work with. They handle the stress of having computer problems like the pros they are.

TLN: (laughing) Thank you, Rob, but aren’t you talking about some other people?

More seriously: What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

RW: Our technicians are either Microsoft Certified or have vast experience in the IT field. Also, when we get a call, we can often get out to you the same day. We also offer remote assistance, which saves our customers time and money.

TLN: What’s the vision? Where do you see your company in 5 years?

RW: Right now we service Middle Tennessee. In the future, I’d like to add more technicians so we can service the entire state.

TLN: Is tech work really that boring or uninteresting?

RW: Not at all. My most memorable appointment was with a couple who both worked from home. After a visit from their grandkids, they discovered their server had been configured with a password. Of course, they didn’t know the password and thus they were locked out of it.

As we discussed their options, their outside dog kept coming to the window, always directing her gaze right at me. I heard myself asking the couple, “What’s the dog’s name?” They said, “Tina.” I typed “t-i-n-a” in the password box and hit enter. Bam! We were in.

TLN: Love it! And I’m seeing some cleverly couched advice in that story! Hey, you have a very interesting hobby or other life, whatever you want to call it. Please elaborate.

RW: I’m also the creator of an upcoming TV series about how The Beatles came to be. It will be aired later in 2012 on Nashville’s Ch. 19 and on my own Web site,

TLN: We’ll stay tuned! Thanks, Rob.

The Geek in the Jeep

Owner, Rob White



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