Fishing Tennessee

Catfish: TWRA Fishing Lakes

Often called “Family Fishing Lakes” by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, these small lakes that are scattered throughout the middle and western parts of the state and managed specifically for fishing offer terrific opportunities for summer catfishing. The TWRA stocks a lot of cats, including channels and blues, in all of these lakes. In addition, they fertilize the lakes to maximize productivity. Arguably the best thing about all of these lakes, however, is that fishing access is outstanding. Banks are cleared in places, and most lakes have added access facilities, such as trails that circle them, fishing piers and inexpensive rental boats. In other words, an angler doesn’t need to own a boat for his family to get in on the fine fishing opportunities. For summer fishing, anglers should stick with the upper two-thirds of the lakes in order to not end up fishing too deep. These waters are extremely fertile, and the deepest water in them tends to be devoid of oxygen through the dog days, which makes them devoid of fish.  For more information.

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