Employee of the Month Johnny Kimbrough

With Johnny Kimbrough, it’s definitely the smile that walks into the room first. It’s electric, it’s contagious and it’s sincere. Johnny moved to Nashville from Sacramento, California and he has worked for HireQuest Direct on various long term assignments since 2009. He is also among HireQuest Direct’s recent OSHA 10 graduates. He has been awarded HireQuest Direct Employee of the Month for January 2014. Congratulations, Johnny!

TLN: Where are you from, Johnny Kimbrough? (You’ve almost got to say his whole name, it’s so cool).

JK: I’m from California. Sacramento. I moved from one capital to another. I came here in 09.

TLN: When did you start working for HireQuest Direct?

JK: When I moved here. In fact I visited Nashville for a month before I actually moved here – I thought I’d work while I was visiting and I worked the whole month for HireQuest Direct. Then when I moved out and brought my family, I thought I’ll go right back to where I found work before. I’ve been working here ever since.

TLN: Describe a perfect workday.

JK: (He laughs) I’d say a perfect work day would be good weather. (Not only has it been in the 20s and lower on and off for a couple of weeks, but construction is weather-dependent).

TLN: You’ve been working a long term job with one company, haven’t you?

JK: Actually I worked three long-term jobs since I came here.

TLN: That’s an exceptionally good record.

JK: I like to turn all my jobs into long term. Of course I’m drawn to better paying jobs. But I don’t want to have to bounce around, you know what I mean? I really appreciate all that I’ve had in the way of work so far .. you’ve all really kept me going.

TLN: Are there other jobs you’d like to do besides construction?

JK: I did Security for a while. (He smiles) That was inside and warmer!

TLN: I’ve met your daughter – she’s precious. What do you both like to do together?

JK: (lighting up) She likes to go to Incredible Dave’s … she calls it “the beach.” There are a lot of games there. She likes to play on the big old slides and the jumper. It’s at the Rivergate Mall.

TLN: Johnny, what are your long-term goals?

JK: I think I need to get computer-trained. Because I don’t know zip about computers. That’s something I need to do. And maybe taking some classes, go back to school. If I can find the time to do those things and work as well, I’d like that.

TLN: You will. You’re one of the most reliable workers we know. Thanks, it was a pleasure talking to you, Johnny.

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