Don’t Mothers Just Rock?

“Aw, go see yer mum” What the British used to say during WWII when a soldier got soft, dispirited or homesick. Growing up we ran to our moms when we “fell down” and it’s no different now, right? Go see yer mum and shower her with affection and gratitude.
We’ve got some ideas:

Looking for that great and creative gift for mom?

Give her a pottery class at The Clay Lady Studio in Nashville. (1416 Lebanon Pike, Nashville 37210).

This is hugely affordable, amazingly fun, and deeply artistic. Nine weekly 3-hour classes (day or evening) and she’ll come away with a dozen or more pieces that she has made with her own mom-hands!

Check out “The Cupcake Collection” in Donelson! Click here for their website.

Or if you’re practical like we are: call TROJAN LABOR and hire a few guys to mow and clean up your mom’s yard! (615) 254-7444

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