Employee of the Month Johnny Kimbrough

With Johnny Kimbrough, it’s definitely the smile that walks into the room first. It’s electric, it’s contagious and it’s sincere. Johnny moved to Nashville from Sacramento, California and he has worked for HireQuest Direct on various long term assignments since 2009. He is also among HireQuest Direct’s recent OSHA 10 graduates. He has been awarded HireQuest Direct Employee of the Month for January 2014. Congratulations, Johnny!

Women of WiNC Interview: Tiffany Wondrow, C&R Services, Inc.

HireQuest Direct News had the privilege of meeting Tiffany Wondrow as she attended a WiNC meeting last month. She is a relentlessly hard worker and one thing I walked away with is this: If there’s something still to be done, something outstanding … one detail still needs attending to… Tiffany will make it happen.

HireQuest Direct Interview – Surkonya Moore

If there’s one thing we try to foster at HireQuest Direct, it’s the idea that the worker plays a huge part in his or her own destiny. Surkonya Moore believes and lives as if this is true. Honestly, there are few people more exuberant in general, but when she talks about work, you get the sense she sees these very physical and strenuous jobs as something to be taken by the horns and wrestled to the ground! And she’s not much over 5 feet, but all muscle.

Clayton Harris

Of all the interviews I’ve done for the HireQuest Direct News – this one was especially memorable – I found someone with whom I had tons in common. Clayton Harris joined me for an interview on a Friday afternoon after a long week of hard work. Although I hadn’t heard his name before, I already knew his face from walking to and from the car at work. He’s one of those guys who’s always got a warm smile ready for you, no matter where.

Andrea Farr of Nashville Geek

This month’s interview subject is hardly a stranger to us. You might say we’ve had an encounter of the personal kind with a company called Nashville Geek. Andrea Farr, and her company stepped in to help HireQuest Direct with its first website, which needed fixing, polishing and hoisting …badly. The result is… well, we’ll let you be the judge.

Geek in the Jeep

Really memorable company name (“The Geek in the Jeep”) and humorous self-effacing manner aside, the first thing you have to know about Rob White is there is nothing to do with a computer or its connections that stumps him. (At least we haven’t found it yet, and HireQuest Direct has tried mighty hard this year…)

Women of WiNC: Leeann Dichtel of Provident Security Services

Leeann Dichtel, CEO of Provident Security Services, has a warmth that radiates the room. She is a formidable businesswoman, but she’ll tell you it’s not business that drives her, but relationships, (beginning with the biggest one of all). Her passion for everything is apparent and she lights up telling us about her work, her life, her company.

Women of WiNC : Kelsey Unland Fortier Safety

To Kelsey Unland, her job is like a second skin. No matter what small question or big picture inquiry is put to her, she responds with clear and accurate information. That’s important when you’re talking about safety on the job. We did just that with Kelsey.