HireQuest Direct Makes History!


NASA partners with HireQuest Direct!


In early June, three HireQuest Direct workers will be shot into space to do cleanup on the International Space Station. After a competitive bidding war HireQuest Direct has won the NASA contract and is now interviewing workers to determine who will be sent. Says painter Bill Conley, “I would go but only if they use the use the premium one-coat and I can work part time.


David Cogerton, the head of NASA says the agency will save $45 million by subcontracting the sweeping and light mopping.


“HireQuest Direct is a great company and they bring their own buckets and stuff, so the cost for Uncle Sam is way down, buddy.”


“The best part,” says HireQuest Direct Branch Manager Heather Jones, “is we negotiated that they will launch from the Donelson office to save our people from flying all the way to Florida. We should have that launch pad up and running next week. “Hey, all parking is in back for a while!”



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