April Events

April events included PETRA Planning Meeting, AGC Knoxville Luncheon, TaPHCC Golf, and more!

PETRA Planning Meeting
April 2

PETRA COACH led a Tennessee-wide meeting of HireQuest Direct branch offices in Nashville, April 2. The day was a full schedule of defining quarterly goals and performing
Team-building exercises, as well as reviewing our Core Purpose and Core Values.

Jolene welcomed new staff members and presented Chattanooga Branch Manager Deidra Berner with the award for “Office of the Month.”  Teresa White, HireQuest Direct’s new Administrator of Resource Management, gave an energizing talk about

various approaches to change.


AGC Knoxville Luncheon
April 18


April 22

Left photo: Jenn & Melissa with the Merryman Farr Guys
Right photo: Jenn & Melissa

Diversity Business Marketplace – Knoxville Convention Center
April 28





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