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This month’s interview subject is hardly a stranger to us.  You might say we’ve had an encounter of the personal kind with a company called Nashville Geek.  Andrea Farr, and her company stepped in to help HireQuest Direct with its first website, which needed fixing, polishing and hoisting …badly.  The result is…  well, we’ll let you be the judge.

Andrea, along with her husband Scott, don’t look at all like geeks, but they are. It really is another language they understand and speak. And we’re grateful for it!

Nashville Geek Andrea FarrTLN: Tell us about your company and what services or products you offer.

AF: Need a new website? A company blog? A Facebook page? Or not sure what you need? We can help. We specialize in interactive services that help you develop your online presence. We build websites in HTML, PHP, WordPress and eCommerce platforms. We’re equally adept at building your social media presence and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Geek translation: we can build your website, integrate your company blog, add a shopping cart, develop your social media pages, and make sure you are ‘Google’ ready.

TLN: I need translations like that! (laughter) SEO is on everybody’s lips, explain that for the geekless reader.

AF: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is enabling your website, your blog, your Facebook page to get ‘found’ by Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. Say you have a company that provides carpet cleaning, you want online “shoppers” – especially those geographically close – to find you. We make that optimal for you. We specialize in everything from making personal blogs attractive to building multifunctioning websites for national companies. We leave you able to maintain your own, or if you choose, we take the driver’s seat and maintain your website for you, allowing you to concentrate on other things.

TLN: Your background is with a big company, why is smaller and more personal better?

AF: Expense is the biggest reason. We make this affordable for any business. This is no longer for big business only. With a modest and well-constructed website, you can stay visible and up with the rest of your industry. We’ll even show you how folks are finding your website and how long they stay. Think of how many times we use the internet to find an address or to check business hours. When you have an online presence, you’re no longer answering the phone to give store hours, or directions – you’re answering calls from potential clients who’ve already found you, researched your site and are ready to do business.

TLN:  What is your role, Andrea?

AF:  As Owner, Project Manager and Business Development, I wear many hats. I love helping companies build websites, plan social media campaigns and dominate on Google.

TLN:  Are there any notable projects or clients to tell us about?

AF: We’re excited to announce that we will be working with Castle Homes for the Southern Living Idea House opening Summer 2013 at Fontanel! Our team has worked with Castle Homes for several years, handling their website, blog & social media. Recent clients include Vanderbilt Legends Club, The Nashville chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and Harlan, Pierce & Slocum.

harlanpierceslocum_websiteTLN:  What do you think sets your company apart from your competitor’s?

AF: Years of experience in project management and creative production. We’re experienced at planning and managing demanding projects and complex schedules (insert blood sweat tears here). That kind of experience allows us to carry the heavy-lifting, especially when it comes to the ‘geek’ stuff.

TLN: What’s the vision?  Where do you see you/the company in 5 years?

AF: By the five-year mark we’d like to be able to handle more business, so we’d like to add another programmer, another account manager and bring the two content developers who help us with our maintenance contracts—writing content for blogs, or for Facebook and Twitter and such—on full-time.  We’d also like to be in an office, an actual brick and mortar building, closer to the Nashville area.  For the long-term, we’d actually like to transition this business into the Nashville Geek Network; this would basically be what we’re doing now, but on a larger scale. We’d like to have an online network where a client, or another expert in their field, can come in and say “I’ve got this project,” and for that we’d be able to build a specialized team from our online network.  I guess it’d almost be like a LinkedIn for geeks, if you will.  The traditional agencies are going away and this would be a replacement for those agencies, compiling experts who can give more individualized service.

TLN:  You mentioned the traditional agencies going away. Elaborate.

AF: Well, as the economy changed, we noticed that the business mindset was changing as well; they were no longer looking for the ‘big agency,’ –  they were becoming more comfortable working with smaller (less flashy) companies, and with individuals who were experts in the field  – that’s where we come in!

futaris website by Nashville GeekTLN: We thought you had a great story about how a company like yours takes the word “marketing” and makes it fresh.

AF: My love for marketing companies online was sparked when I developed a company for world-renowned shark divers Manny Puig & Mark Rackley. Yes, shark divers… and if that wasn’t enough, they also filmed alligators and hurricanes right in the action. Due to the unique nature of this type of video content (the divers would free dive, not scuba, so they could get up close and personal) I used online tools to sell footage to networks all over the world including the BBC, Natural History New Zealand, Meta Films in Germany…networks in almost every part of the world. It was then, that I truly began to grasp the importance and power of building one’s marketing online.

TLN: As well as having ‘adventures’ without ever leaving your desk! Thanks – it’s been our pleasure, Andrea.


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